Isaiah Ornelas 30 monthsThe Parents as Teachers program referred us to ECI and we have learned so much. ECI staff have taught us how to help Isaiah learn how to ask for help, follow instructions, turn taking, patience, and learning how to wait. Before he would just point and we would have to guess at what he wanted. At some point I am wanting to go back to work and these are skills he needs to master to be successful at daycare. Our early intervention specialist, Veronica, is helping us to meet our goal of 25 words in the next three months. Veronica has taught me so much and Isaiah is much less frustrated as his language skills develop. Learning from ECI what we can do to help him at home I am able to work on these intervention techniques with him every day. -Isaiah Ornelas 30 months
Jose MedinaJose Medina was a premature baby, born at just 1 lb 4 oz and was the smallest baby in the NICU during his stay. At 26 weeks gestation he was in the hospital for three months before going home. Once home, ECI began working with Jose's parents and siblings to teach them ways to help him with his development at home. "Erin, a physical therapist, worked with him on stretching exercises to get him walking and he no longer needs physical therapy". Marty, his Early Intervention Specialist, and Trish, Speech and Language Pathologist have been coaching mom and dad on how to help him with his language at home and feeding. "We are working on getting him used to different textures and touching different things through play, he doesn't like to get his hands dirty!" Erin, an ECI dietitian has been overseeing that he gets enough calories while we are working on introducing him to new foods. "I 'm very happy with my ECI team - I see them as a part of my family -Jose Medina 20 months
Wardell Wade, ECI dadGenevieve was born at Las Palmas. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and had to have heart surgery shortly after birth. ECI therapists and Early Intervention Specialists have been helping dad with ways to help Genevieve improve her fine motor skills: by flipping pages in a book, working on textures, and pointing and releasing objects. "Without ECI's home therapy, I would not have known what I know now. I would worry about how she is developing without ECI services. She uses her hands a lot more now, and is crawling faster! ECI staff are like mentors for children with disabilities."
-Genevieve Wade, 19 months
April Maldonado, ECI momDr. Zabanol referred Luis to ECI for a medical diagnosis known as torticollis (a tightening of the neck muscles causing an impairment in mobility and a tendency for the head to tilt to one side). Initially Luis was receiving physicial therapy every week and they would come out and coach me on how to help him so I could provide the intervention for him here at home. Once symptoms stopped interfering with his movement we were able to reduce him to twice a month. "Now, with therapy, he is moving forward in his development. If I would not have gotten help for my baby when I did, it would have held him back in many areas."
-Luis Alvarado 9 months
Ivonne Chavez, ECI momChildren with hearing loss, like Mizar, who was born with atresia and microtia should receive intervention early. Fortunately this was the case for Mizar. He was fitted with a Baja hearing aid and is now able to hear very well! When mom found out about ECI services for her son, she was quick to let her sisters know about the program for their children who also received pediatric services through ECI. "We all worked on the techniques they taught us to help our children. As sisters, we watch each others children so we were all able to do the therapy together with our kids in between ECI visits! As a mother, I had so many doubts about whether my child would be able to hear. ECI has given me strength and confidence in knowing I am doing the right things to help him. That support meant the world to me when I was going through such a difficult time."
-Mizar Corchado, 18 months


Dr. Alison Days

"ECI is an essential program for my patients who have a motor or language delay. I have had several young children with no speech at all who are talking in sentences by 6 months in the program. ECI individualizes treatment and works with the families to help their children achieve their best. Whenever I am faced with a child who has a developmental disability, I think of ECI first."

Dr. Alison Days
Healthy Days Pediatrics,PA